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The Lobby is the first room in the Omega Corporation room pack.


Let's begin by opening the drawer with the keypad on it. Look to the evacuation plan above and assign a number to each room. Now put the numbers in the keypad as if you were escaping from office b-4. The correct sequence is: 4-5-8. Grab the Metal Detector inside.

Head towards the safe with the confiscated label on it and to open it, drag the metal detector through the sings on the wall and it will get green on top of some of them. Put those signs in the safe and it will open. The correct signs are: KING-QUEEN-BISHOP. Grab the Briefcase and the Note.

Now go to the counter and twist the monitor towards you. Click on Forgot password and it gill give you clues to get the password. Grab the framed picture on the desk and the Cake Photograph from the second drawer. Now look to the floor, grab the pair of boots. These are all clues to get the correct password, which is: 305398.

Now put the Briefcase in the X-Ray machine, go back to the monitor and choose the X-Ray option. The Note says that the briefcase lock combination is the number on the bracelet inside. Grab the briefcase again and put:6-1-9 in the left and 9-1-6 in the right lock. Grab the Keycard.

Back to the monitor, click on the Security Clearance option and use the Sign as clue to know what icons you should put on the monitor. The right ones are: CIGARRETE-PISTOL-SHOPPING CART. Once this is done put: 0-4-2 in the employee ID and change the security clearance to the highest possible which is 5.

Take the card, put it in the door's card reader and, to get the password, go back to the monitor, click on the LED display controls and choose IMPORTANT. Now grab the Tree Decoration from the table and use both the tree and the display as clues to get the password. The right password is shown in the picture below.

Note: All credits for the walkthrough go to Neoseeker.


There are eight tokens that can be found in this level:

  • Inside the left boot.
  • Right end of the X-ray machine.
  • On the bottom drawer of the cabinet with the keypad.
  • Right on the desk.
  • On the safe, inside one of the smaller compartments.
  • Left corner of the window, look down, close to the floor.
  • Right side of the security camera.
  • Look up from the desk. Inside the O in corporation.


To speedrun this room, try to do all of the things below as soon as possible:°Pick up the Pyramidion Part on the floor.

  • Go to the safe on the wall and click KING-QUEEN-BISHOP to open it and get Briefcase.
  • Zoom into the briefcase and put:6-1-9 in the left and 9-1-6 in the right lock. Grab the Keycard.
  • In the monitor put: 305398 for a password and change the security clearance level to the maximum. To enter the security clearance option press the CIGARRETE-PISTOL-SHOPPING CART icons and press 0-4-2 when you are asked for an employee's ID number.
  • Put the keycard in the door and press the APPLE-BANANA-CHERRIES icons.